Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spring Ruffle Top

We had a 21st and 30th to go to all in the one night, and since having the two boys I have not lost the 'baby weight' yet, and don't think I ever will, so I had no clothes to wear......So I decided I would make myself a top to wear.....
So a few days before the parties I was running around trying to find material etc, and this is what I came up with at last minute.
It is the Spring Ruffle Top.
A close up of me with the top on.

Me with the top on...DH was picking on me as he was taking the photo so for some reason I wasn't standing up straight, I think I was laughing and told him to wait for the pic but he took it anyway and being male wouldn't take another as that was 'good' enough!!!!
I was a bit worried while making the top as I tried it on several times and it made me look 'pregnant' but when I finished it I spent some time fiddling with it and I ended up tapering the sides in a bit I still looked a little 'pregnant' but oh well who cares at least I had a top to wear, turning up in just a bra is not a good look.........LOL!!!


princess pudge said...

lol you're such a dag, you do NOT look pregnant!! I really like your fabic choice :)

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