Monday, January 25, 2010

Downtown boy jacket

Ok this is going to be a quick post as while the photos were uploading my iphone fell in water so I am not happy at the moment!!!!!
These are the two Downtown Boy Jackets that have taken up all my spare time the last 3 days, it was a huge marathon effort.  As I made the two at the same time I had to make 4 jackets to get the two......And cause I don't read the instructions properly and was doing them while tired I had a heap of unpicking to do!!!!!!
So here they are, The green one for Dominic and the blue for AJ.........Oh and the good thing used all materials from my stash the only thing I had to buy was the zippers........Instead of using pellon in between the layers I used Flannelette, I had bits in my stash that were too small to make PJs out of so used it on the jackets, great way to use up scraps!!!!!

The jackets are a little big on the boys as I made a size bigger than what they are in, as I always seem to make things and they only wear a couple of times and them grown out of it, so I thought make them bigger and they will get more wear out of them!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

EB New Year Sewing Swap Sneak Peak!!!!

I have finally finished the EB New Year Sewing Swap....So here is a couple of sneak peaks for you!!!!! I couldn't choose which sneak peak to use so I used both!!!!!!

Opening Day is Valentines Day (Feb 14th) so stay tuned to see the full finished product and to see what I receive!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Christening Presant for a Little boy!!!!

A friend of mine got her little boy Christened a few weeks ago and we were unable to go.  She messaged me on Sunday wanting to get togerher so our boys could play.....ARGH I remembered the Christening and that I hadn't got him a presant yet so I have madly been sewing on Monday and Tuesday to do these couple of outfits.

A pair of jeans and an appliqued top.  I drew up the jeans pattern just using a pair of Dominics pants and then I just added pockets and cuffs as I went.....It was just a make and see what looks good thing!

The pockets at the back.

An Elephant appliqued on the top.  This is my first attempt (well second but the first was a disaster so I would like to forget that time LOL) so I think I did well this time!!!! It helps to read the sewing machine manual and find out there is actually a special foot for applique!!

And this little outfit I actually got the idea from Melly (hope you don't mind Melly!!) She made this little bloomers for a presant for someone a few weeks ago, when I saw them I thought they would be great for my little man Dominic as he is always just getting around in singlet and nappy so I thought it would be nice to make these for him to put over his nappy.  So I got the pattern but yet to make Dominic any yet!!!

Little Bloomers...They are oh sooo cute and easy to make!  I got this material from in my town but it was expensive it was $24/m OMG (she also had 20% off) but AJ saw it and loved it cause it has lemo (Elmo) so I got have a metre and made these shorts and I will make AJ a pair of jeans with the cuffs and pockets out of this material.

Now this applique didn't come out as nice, the machine chewed up the fabric on the point in two spots leaving a hole.  Of course I only purchased one little top so couldn't do another so I tried to darn the holes closed but still noticable.....I will still give it and just explain what happened and my friend can just put it on her little boy around the house!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

And the blog award goes to...........(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!)


I'm a Happy recipient of the blog award and I didn't even know these were around. But will be happy to accept and glad to see someone loves my blog.. lol. It's good to know that when I feel I am wasting so much time trying to get my blog just right (and pulling my hair out as I have no clue what I am doing) somewhere out there someone appricates it. (I hope there is more than just one LOL). 

Thanks to the lovely, talented and someone who has become a good internet friend of mine Nikoll for the award.

So in accepting this award, l must copy and paste and

1. Name 5 things l love and

2. Present the award to 5 other bloggers who l think are fabulous.

5 things l love.

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Sewing

4. EB (cause of all the wonderful people I have met through EB)

5. Coca Cola

Now for 5 bloggers who l would love to pass the award on to are.

1. Pennywiggle-Someone who is so kind and helpful, she has dedicated so much time to helping me with my blog so it is thanks to her that my blog is looking the way it does.......

2.Vik-Someone else who is kind and helpful, she has done a few trips to Spotlight for me to get me my supplies and post off to me, she is always there for me to complain and whinge too!!!

3. Mel-Another who has done trips to Spotlight to stock up for me and post to me and answeres my zillion questions when she is soo busy herself.
4. Melb-For just being a lovely person, so kind and friendly........And cause I love her blog, it is looking great

(Oh no last one REALLY???? I have so many more people I want to give it too!!!!)

5.Jen-So helpful when I have sewing questions on EB, and her blog always inspires me to sew as she is the fastest sewer around!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010, 12 months Sewing Challenges! Something for ME!

For the first month of the 2010, 12 Sewing Challenges is to sew something for ME, so I had some material left over from another top I had made a while ago so decided to give the spring ruffle top another go (as the first one I made was a little tight across the top and sitted a little funny, making me look pregnant!).  The material I used this time is a softer material (I used quilters cotton last time.
I am happy with how this one came out, but like the last one it still made me look pregnant........I will just blame the style of top!!!

Also this is my first sewing for 2010.
And this is the first thing on my list of 52 things to do for ME!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

52 Things this year for YOURSELF!


Ok Ok you talked me into it (you know who you are LOL).
Pennywiggle from EB had a 'dare' on her blog, to do 1 self aimed thing a week just for YOUESELF, and she was trying to talk me into joining her with her dare so I have desided to give it ago!!!!!

So I now dare YOU to take the Challenge with us!  Come on give it a go, you know you want to.

"1 self aimed thing a week, they don't need to be big and expensive, they can be as simple as taking 30mins to read a book, taking 10 mins to have a cuppa and a bikky or they can also be as big as you like, going out all day, getting a massage, taking a holiday.

I don't care how big or how small but they have to be for yourself or for your relationship with your partner, cannot be for the kids or the family!!! It's all about doing 52 things to recharge and please US, the mothers/wives/daughters/sisters/lovers."