Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010, 12 months Sewing Challenges! Something for ME!

For the first month of the 2010, 12 Sewing Challenges is to sew something for ME, so I had some material left over from another top I had made a while ago so decided to give the spring ruffle top another go (as the first one I made was a little tight across the top and sitted a little funny, making me look pregnant!).  The material I used this time is a softer material (I used quilters cotton last time.
I am happy with how this one came out, but like the last one it still made me look pregnant........I will just blame the style of top!!!

Also this is my first sewing for 2010.
And this is the first thing on my list of 52 things to do for ME!!!!


Vik said...

Oooh very nice Emma. Congrats on ticking the first ME thing off your list!

pennywiggle said...

I really like it!! i can't wait to see it on you :)

Romi Jade said...

Well done, Emma! It's gorgeous!!

queenlatina said...

Emma that top looks great.

I have awarded you an award on my personal blog.

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