Sunday, December 20, 2009

EB Secret Santa Swap-What I made.

I got Aimee to sew for in the EB Secret Santa Swap.
I made her a sewing bag and a jar pin cushion and a Christmas Dove. I also put in a unpicker (cause if Aimee is like me then she will never have to many!) and little tape measure in the jar..........

The embroidered label inside the bag!

The bag opened up!
And all the next pictures are just the embroidery I done on all the sides!

The bag looks lopsided in the pics but I think it was just the way I stuffed it! LOL!!

The Jar pin cushion.....It was supposed to be made with a baby food jar but I thought it would be safer made with a plastic bottle and the unpicker won't fit in the baby food jar.

The Christmas Dove!


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