Saturday, December 26, 2009

A last minute Christmas gift!

Nothing like some last minute sewing.....And when I say last minute I mean last minute........
On Christmas morning when the boys were opening there prezzies DH asked me if I had gotten anything for J, J and Z his cousins kids. I hadn't as I told him the week before who I got prezzies for and was there anyone I missed, his reply NO......I then asked him again on the Tuesday before Christmas to be sure...Still the answere was NO noone else!!!!!!!!!! So on Christmas morning I was in a panic searching the house for gifts.....I had a car stashed away for Dominic for his 1st birthday so that would be ok for Z, I had a rattle in the packet still in my nappy cake stash, so perfect for J as he is only a few months old....But nothing for the other J....As we wouldn't be seeing the 2 J's till dinner DH said not to worry we would go to his Aunty for lunch and maybe AJ would get something we could regift......Well AJ ended up opening everything and the things he didn't unwrap were too good to regift.........
We came home and the boys had a sleep and I jumped on the net and done a quick search of something I could quickly whip up, I found this tute for a crayon roll, so I quickly searched my stash and whipped one up, so from searching for a tute to wrapping the prezzie was less than an hour, so I started at 4pm and we were out the door at 5pm.....Not bad!!!!!
I said to DH 'Aren't you lucky I can sew?' otherwise we would of had nothing to give to J........
The only thing was I didn't even have a colouring in book to put with it, only a blank artist book, I felt so scrungy, So I told the mother that it wasn't much, and she said no that was perfect as he doesn't like to colour but loves to draw......I don't know if she just told me that to be nice or if she ment it but he did sit for ages drawing in the book and he carried the crayon roll around all night never put it down, so that is good!!!!
The crayon roll all rolled up with the book.
Out flat before adding the crayons.

And with the crayons.

A giveaway at Izzy and Ivy's designs!

Check out this great giveaway at Izzy and Ivy's designs. 3 people will win a set of 6 of there new patterns WOW.........Closes 28 December so you better be quick!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Art Cases for Christmas

A last minute Christmas prezzie thought.......I was googling the other night and I found a free tutorial for these Art Cases and thought wow they would be great to make and add to my neice and nephews gifts........Well nearly a week later they are finished and I think I could of done a whole lot better on them but as I am running out of time I was really rushing!!!!!!!
Firstly, I didn't have pre-quilted fabric, so I quilted some fabric myself, that is what took so long.....If I had the pre-quilted fabric they would of been so quick!!!!!!! If and that is a big if I was to make some more and quilt the fabric myself I think I would quilt the fabric and then cut out all the bits for the art case, not cut out and quilt all the bits.....It took too long and then my art case came out smaller than it should of too.........
Both Art Cases closed.
The sides look like they are crooked but I asure you they aren't it is just the pic, or the way they are sitting as they don't look like that really, well at least I hope they are straight LOL!!!

Both opened.
Hope they like them and use them.........I have noticed lately that when we go out they like to take a book and pencils to colour in when bored so hopefully they will take these out instead....
I might have to make another by the looks as AJ has taken off with the car one.............

Sunday, December 20, 2009

EB Secret Santa Swap-What I made.

I got Aimee to sew for in the EB Secret Santa Swap.
I made her a sewing bag and a jar pin cushion and a Christmas Dove. I also put in a unpicker (cause if Aimee is like me then she will never have to many!) and little tape measure in the jar..........

The embroidered label inside the bag!

The bag opened up!
And all the next pictures are just the embroidery I done on all the sides!

The bag looks lopsided in the pics but I think it was just the way I stuffed it! LOL!!

The Jar pin cushion.....It was supposed to be made with a baby food jar but I thought it would be safer made with a plastic bottle and the unpicker won't fit in the baby food jar.

The Christmas Dove!

EB Secret Santa Swap-What I Received!

For the EB 'Crafty' Secret Santa Swap I received a lovely little package from Santa?????? (LOL! The person didn't reveal themselves, I wish they had of so I can thank them personally....HINT HINT).... The goods all wrapped up nicely in 2 pieces of fabric with a nice gift tag.......
Inside is-A case for my iphone to stop it getting scratched and dropped etc like I do. The other goody is I know, something to do with coffee???? I am so sorry I don't know exactly, I have seen someone else in another swap receive one but it was never really revealed what it is used for???? I feel so dumb!!

My iphone tucked nicely in the case.

Thank you soooo much to my SS, hopefully you will reveal yourself so I can thank you!!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I hope Santa comes to you all!!!
You know I was told Christmas was on Friday, OH NO!! I thought it was Sunday, I have 2 days less to finish making the Christmas presants I have to make!! Well I guess I should get of the computer and go start some sewing LOL!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PJ Bags/Holders for the Boys.

These are for my 2 boys for Christmas, PJ bags (they have a zip under there belly with a little bag inside to hold there PJ's). An Elephant and a Dog.
The Elephant for Dominic, his ears are the same one is just flopped back to show the contrast underneath.

Ok his ear seems to have flopped back in every photo but I promise his ears are the same both sides.

And the Thomas Dog for my 'Train' made 2 year old AJ.
I am quite sure that this Dog will be called 'Puppy' just as he nicknamed the Cat I made for the Swap 'Catty'.

Christmas Shoes!!!

A little pair of Christmas shoes for my little man to go with his Christmas Playsuit!!!
These are quick and easy to make. I had to make 2 pairs as the first didn't fit him, the second pair were a lot quicker to make.

Christmas Headband.

We have a Christmas Party to go to on Friday night, so thought I would whip up this Christmas Headband for myself to wear, and then I can wear it on Christmas Day.

Me with it on. Sorry for the doggy pic was trying to take the pic myself in a mirror LOL!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fantastic Giveaway!

Everything Your Mama Made and More are having a FANTASTIC giveaway and I have everything crossed that I win!!!!!!!

"The giveaway bundle includes instructions for making Personalized Name Pillows, Peasant Tops/Dresses, and Easy Fit Pants including both patterns sized for (6m – 12) and (Teen/Adult). Between all of those, items can be made for both boys, girls, men and women. All 3 of the clothing patterns are by CarlaC who makes some of the best eBooks I have used! Each pattern bundle that is being given away retails for $36.80." (Taken from website!)

Make sure you check out the website it has hundreds of great patterns/eBooks that you buy & download instantly! So take a second & go check them out! Ok you may need more than a second as there is heaps and they are great.....My wishlist is now huge!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spring Ruffle Top

We had a 21st and 30th to go to all in the one night, and since having the two boys I have not lost the 'baby weight' yet, and don't think I ever will, so I had no clothes to wear......So I decided I would make myself a top to wear.....
So a few days before the parties I was running around trying to find material etc, and this is what I came up with at last minute.
It is the Spring Ruffle Top.
A close up of me with the top on.

Me with the top on...DH was picking on me as he was taking the photo so for some reason I wasn't standing up straight, I think I was laughing and told him to wait for the pic but he took it anyway and being male wouldn't take another as that was 'good' enough!!!!
I was a bit worried while making the top as I tried it on several times and it made me look 'pregnant' but when I finished it I spent some time fiddling with it and I ended up tapering the sides in a bit I still looked a little 'pregnant' but oh well who cares at least I had a top to wear, turning up in just a bra is not a good look.........LOL!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EB Secret Santa Swap Sneek Peak...

We are having a Secret Santa Swap on EB. I finished sewing my item a couple of weeks ago, but finally got around to wrapping it today ready to post, so thought I would do a sneek peak!!!

So here is the 'item' all wrapped ready to post.
But what is the item you ask??? Well here is a peek, but it is a sneeky peak as it is a 'secret' remember?
Opening is the 21st December so stay tuned to see the above in full and see what I receive!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A 21st Prezzie

We got invited to DH's cousins 21st on Sat night and I was stuck as to what to get her, then I remembered the pattern for the Overnight Tote I had and have been wanting to try for donkies, so I also has some material that I thought would be perfect........
Then I thought what can I make to go with it, So Vik suggested I make a cosmetic roll for cosmetic brushes and while I was looking for a tute I found a tute for a pyramid purse and had to try it out too..........
So the tote bag, cosmetic roll and pyramid purse all together!!!

The overnight tote

The cosmetic roll opened with the brushes and a mirror. The last slot is empty and a little larger than the other slots but I thought it would perfect to put lipstick in????

The pyramid purse.
I hope she likes it!!!!!!