Sunday, December 20, 2009

EB Secret Santa Swap-What I Received!

For the EB 'Crafty' Secret Santa Swap I received a lovely little package from Santa?????? (LOL! The person didn't reveal themselves, I wish they had of so I can thank them personally....HINT HINT).... The goods all wrapped up nicely in 2 pieces of fabric with a nice gift tag.......
Inside is-A case for my iphone to stop it getting scratched and dropped etc like I do. The other goody is I know, something to do with coffee???? I am so sorry I don't know exactly, I have seen someone else in another swap receive one but it was never really revealed what it is used for???? I feel so dumb!!

My iphone tucked nicely in the case.

Thank you soooo much to my SS, hopefully you will reveal yourself so I can thank you!!!!!!!


Vik said...

Great stuff Emma, you must be pleased! I think you have yourself a coffee cozy there, it goes around the takeaway coffee cup, you will look like a very cool mummy :)

Miss Amy said...

haha its a wrist cuff :D but Im sure you could use it for the coffee :D I was your "santa" :D

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