Monday, April 19, 2010

Star Cord Ruffle Pants!!!!!

Pink Cord Star Ruffle pants for a 1 year old birthday prezzie........

Little bird applique....I am so proud of this applique, it took longer than just the basic appliques but looks so much nicer........

Sorry not sure why the pics are sideways?????

Monday, April 5, 2010

2010, 12 months Sewing Challenges! A Softie

Ok I am here to confess......I have cheated with my challenge for March the Softie.....I made a friend a softie for her little boy for  a Christening present in Feb, I didn't need to make another softie and my boys have heaps already, so I am putting Phoebe Elephant down as my March Challenge a softie even though it was done in Feb....Sorry ladies!!!!!!

My first Quilt top finished!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!!

Happy Easter to everyone that reads my blog-
Now for some last minute easter sewing...LOL...Those that have been reading my blog for awhile will know by now that I leave things to the last minute!!!!!!!
So I decided on Tuesday 5 days before Easter to make Easter baskets, plenty of time you say, well thing is I had to find a pattern and I had to get material, which is hard in my tiny town..........
So here are the baskets finally done.............
One each for my boys (the bottom blue and green ones) and the other two are for my neice and nephew (hense the name been covered LOL)
The picture and name has been machine embroidered with my embroidery machine!!!!!

The lining.

Full of chocolates YUMMY!!!!!
Oh the ones for my boys are empty still as they will put them on the table tonight before bed for the Easter Bunny.......
Oh and I have also 'killed two birds with one stone' I have not only made a gift for 4 people for Easter but also completed the April Challenge of something with Lining!!!!! YAH!!!!!

EB Birthday FQ Swap!

On EB in the Beginners Sewing Group we are having a Birthday FQ swap, seeing as my birthday is in March I was the second person to receive FQ's.
 These two are from Sunshinedays, Yes she sent me two (naughty girl!!) Well she sent more but you will have to wait till the end of this post for that!!!!
 These three are from Pennywiggle, I like the stars so might get some more of these for the border of the quilt.

And all these are from yosemitesam, Blessedrwe, cecily, Aimee, Wilderness, Jen and Jotsmum..........

 These are also from Sunshinedays.... Thank you so much I have enjoyed our chats too, and you always have the right advice for me xxxxx

Thank you to everyone who is in the FQ swap AJ is going to have one awesome looking I-Spy quilt!