Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Puppy dog tracksuit!!!!

This is the dreaded puppy dog tracksuit that I made for DS2..........I made it all and was so happy with how it turned out....Until I tried it on DS, well it wouldn't go over his head LOL!!!!!! I guess it was my fault for altering the pattern hay!!!!!!!! But after 2 hours of unpicking, sewing, unpicking etc, I have finally added a zip to the back of it, and now it fits!!!!!!!! It isn't the best sewing as I had so much unpicking etc, but it is at the back so hopefully not to many people will notice...At least he can wear it now and it won't go in the bin, as it nearly did so many times......
Puppy dog tracksuit...........
And the tracksuit on DS2, it is a little bit too big on him, but at least it will last a little longer.......... The brown tracksuit material is part of the yucky colour materials that my mum got me ages ago, but it doesn't look to bad now!!!!!!The puppy dog material is part of the stash that Vikki got me!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And finally the top to match the pants!!!!!

Ok I have finally finished the tracksuit top to match the pants. I was waiting on ribbing and my lovely MIL got me some on Monday!!!!! I had a little trouble with the Ribbing as the size the pattern was telling me was way too small and would never go over DS head!!! So after a bit of measuring of DS and some other jumpers he had I finally finished it late last night!!!!

The top!!!

The set together!!!!
DH still says it looks like PJ's.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pants for AJ.......

I made these pants for AJ and lined them with so tracksuit material so they are nice and warm........Mum got me some tracksuit material from the op shop a while ago but she got so ugly colours and it has been sitting in the cupboard for ages and everytime I see her she asks have I used it yet 'No' so now I can say yes.....She probley won't be happy that I only used it for lining but hey I used it..............

AJ modelling his pants....Sorry he insisted on showing his belly button!!!!!!!!!!!He is facinated by it and keeps checking it is still there!!!!!LOL!!!!!

And a close up of the pants, I made a size 3 and lucky I did as they fit really good. AJ is only in size 1 though, must be a small pattern......I have found this since I have started sewing, patterns seem to be smaller than sizes you buy in the shops!!!!!!!!

These were supposed to be nice bright trackpants, just different from your normal everyday boring plain ones. But I showed DH and he didn't say much, then after bathing AJ DH called out to me and said "Honey which way do the pants go there is no tag?" I said "what are you doing? AJ just had a bath he need PJ's on!" DH "These are PJ's aren't they" Me "Well they are now!!!" So I suppose they will be PJ's now!!!!!!!!!!

Keep on eye out for the top to go with the pants...........

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sorry just testing out my signature!!!
Do you like???????????

Thursday, July 23, 2009


On EB we are all talking about Patterns and what we have, what we want, etc....I am always looking at the nice patterns and think 'Oh that would be nice' and then forget about them, forget what they are called etc. Then a few weeks down the track I think 'Oh that pattern I saw would of been good to make' and of course I can't find it and it takes ages to find again......
So I thought I would do a post of the patterns I have...........
And a pattern wish list............
So here goes (this could take awhile).....

PDF patterns I have.........
The Charlie Bag (This is the bag I made for the EB bag swap)
Overnight tote bag
Pleated shoulder bag (Thanks to Vikki for sharing this with me)
Pocket Pal Wallet
Clothing Patterns I have..........
Little Explorer Overalls and Shortssize 0-5 (I love these. I have made quite a few pairs of these!)
McCalls baby clothes Size 3kg-8kg includes sleeping bags, all inones, pants, tops, booties and hat. McCalls Toddlers unlined jacket and overalls Size T1/2 (I assume this is a size 0)-T3
Kwik Sew 245-Infants panties and shirt variations size 0mths-18mnths.
McCalls 3202-Childrens Top, skirt, pants and shorts Unisex size 2-6.
(The last two I don't have pics for as they are old patterns but with modern material no one will know!!!!!)

For Girls......
2 hour skirt, vest, jacket and dress size 2-6 (this is the skirt and jacket I made for the EB kids clothing swap and the dress I made for my neice for her B'day)
Girls dress, knited type balero and apron Size 18mths-5

Now for my wish list!!!! This could take some time LOL!!!!!!!

Lazy day hat
O&S crossover pj's
O&S unisex playsuit (This is now top on my list as I have got the downtown boy now)

I mainly sew for my boys so I am always looking for trendy little boys patterns to make for them............

Well that didn't take as long as I thought.............
Now off to finish off the pants I started earlier and hopefully be back with pics later tonight!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A prezzie for a Christening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend of ours got her baby boy Christened yesterday and when I received the invite around 3 weeks ago I thought I would make a presant as there is nothing cute out there for a boy......
Well lets just say I would of been better off just going to Target and buying a presant as this took much longer than expected. And as usual I left it till the last minute and everything went wrong.........
First pair of overalls I tried to put the press studs between the legs didn't work out......
Second pair I decided I would do the french seams so off I start sewing made the size O and when I finished they looked more like a size 000 so way to small for this bub.......(Lucky I know 2 people having boys in the next couple of months so I already have a pair of overalls for them)
Third time lucky...........
The Little Explorer Overalls in a size 1 made with material that Vikki off EB got me from SL and sent me!!!!!!Thanks again Vik!!!!!!!

Then I saw a sun hat on Vikki's blog and it was reversible and and looked great so I thought this would go great with the overalls.....So I measured DS2 head as my friends bub is one month younger than Dominic but Dominic was 5 weeks prem so they should of been the same age, anyway my friends bub is bigger than Dominic so I added a little on and made the hat and when finished it didn't even fit Dominic it come out too small I don't know why though.
So I had to remake another hat............. (So now I have a hat and overalls ready to go for a new bub soon)..................
One side of the hat....I think I like this best........

And reversed...........

Then decided I wanted to make a educational worm.....But while I was making it my husband informed me that it looked like a snake so now it is what ever the little boy wants to call it when he gets older (if my sewing is good enought to hold for that long!!!!)I wanted to make it so each section is joined diffently and each section has a differnt 'sound' in it!!!!!!!!!

So thinking it didn't look to hard and shouldn't take too long to make (HA HA HA) I started (using all the fabrics Vikki got me!!!).

The head has a squeeky thing in it so when it is pressed it squeekes.........
The next section is attached by eylets and shoe lace so the boy can learn to tie and this section has a bell in it.....
The next section is attached by clip studs and is made with plain blue cotton and I embroidered on it the boys name, 'Christening' and date and put a picture of a cross. I done this on my embroidery machine.........On the back of this section I embroidered Handmade with Love by Emma!!!!!!!!

The next section is attached with velcro and has cellophane in it for a different sound!!!!!

And the tail is attached by buttons and has another squeeky thing in it......................

And everything all together..........
I hope they like it as I put a lot of effort and TIME into this gift!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downtown boy giveaway!!!!!!!!

I was looking for a tutorial for a baby sunhat and stumbled across this instead......... I am always searching for 'funky' little boys pattern and I just couldn't resist entering, and by leaving a coment you get one entry and by posting about the giveaway on your own blog you get an extra entry, just couldn't let the chance go by at getting 2 entries..........
I love this jacket and so hope I win it!!!! Everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

EB Bag Swap! What I received.....

I received my bag as part of the EB bag swap from Getshakey ( .

This is what she had written on her blog earlier today, "Its giving me a big complex as the bag I made (and it took all my effort) is not done nearly as well as the one I recieved. (but to my recipient, that was my best effort hun and I hope you like it!) " But seriously I don't know what she was worried about, I love it and wish my sewing was as good!!!!!!!!

Ok without delay here is the bag.

The satin and ribbon were used to wrap the bag in, but I didn't get pictures as I was so keen to have a look at my bag, as soon as I left the post office I was walking down the steet ripping open the post pack and unwrapping the bag........It has a zip closure (I wouldn't even be game to attempt that).

And the inside of the bag (excuse DH's fingers LOL!!!)..........................It is red, white and black butterflies, Getshakey must of really read my likes and dislikes as I said my favourite colours were pink, purple, red, black and white, and this bag has nearly all them colours. The outside is black and white, the inside is red, black and white, and it has a 2 zipper pulls on and it pink with a silver butterfly!!!!!!! It has a zippered internal pocket that is huge with a butterfly zipper pull, it also has 3 pockets on the other side as well!!!!!!

And the butterfly zipper pull there are 2 of these one on the outside and one on the inside.

These are the 4 butterflies that are on the outside, the little heart at the end has made with love written on it........There are also the same 4 butterflies on the opposite side as well.

The photo's just don't do this bag any justice, and I really love my new bag and appricate all the effort that has gone into it!!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to say a great big THANK YOU to Anna (tomsmum06 ) for organising this swap, it must of taken some hours to PM everyone and to organise everything, Thank you!!!!!
Can't wait for the next swap now!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

EB Bag Swap!!!!!! The Bag I made!!!!!

Today is the EB bag swap opening day, I had to sew a bag for becanne (Rebecca) and her blog...

Anyway this is the bag I made her.... It's hard to see cause the material is dark but it has pleats across the front and back, ten pleats to be exact............

And I also made a little tissue holder for an extra (but looking at what other people done for extra's I feel a little scrungy now!!!!

The label I embroidered onto some calico and sewed inside the bag as a memento of the bag swap!!!!!!!!

I searched for days and days for the pattern and printed off a heap of free tutes but just wasn't happy, so I enlisted the help of Vikki (bubblegumma ) and she helped me find this pattern....

Ok the pattern I used was a PDF pattern from an Etsy seller- olivetreetextiles, and the pattern is called 'The Charlie Bag'. For the tissue holder it was a free tute (and do you think I can find the website now????). I made the handle a little longer than the pattern said, as Rebecca said she liked to wear her bags cross body so hopefully it is long enough!!!!!!!! I also added a zippered pocket to the inside and a pocket for mobile phone and a pen pocket too....

The material was Michael Miller Birds of Norway in Expresso and Amy Butler Polka Dots in Linen, both from an etsy seller- fabricshoppe.

I also made the exact same for Vikki to say 'Thank you' for the shopping spree she went on to Spotlight for me (as I am not near one) and stocked up on a heap of fabric for me........

This is the label I embroidered for inside Vikki's bag.....

Things I learned when making these bags.....

1. How to insert Magnetic clasps, never used them before but now love them.

2. How to do an internal zippered pocket.

3. My Embroidery Machine and me aren't best friends LOL!!!!!!!!! And probley never will be.

4. How to use pellon. (never used it before and love it now)

5. That there are heaps of lovely ladies on EB willing to help with ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fold Up Shopping Bag!!!!


Here is a fold up shopping bag I made a couple of weeks ago and have been forgetting to blog.....I went into Woollies yesterday to get a 'few' things and came out with HEAPS anyway I forgot to take bags in but had this little number in my bag waiting to be used. The checkout girl really stacked everything in as it was the only bag I had and it stood the test!!! YAH for me!!!!!!!!!

All folded up!!!!
And unfolded!!!!!!!