Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PJ Bags/Holders for the Boys.

These are for my 2 boys for Christmas, PJ bags (they have a zip under there belly with a little bag inside to hold there PJ's). An Elephant and a Dog.
The Elephant for Dominic, his ears are the same one is just flopped back to show the contrast underneath.

Ok his ear seems to have flopped back in every photo but I promise his ears are the same both sides.

And the Thomas Dog for my 'Train' made 2 year old AJ.
I am quite sure that this Dog will be called 'Puppy' just as he nicknamed the Cat I made for the Swap 'Catty'.


Mel said...

Totally Cute, the boys will be smitten with them and no doubt they will very loved. They look very cuddly!

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