Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Playsuit Giveaway Winner!!!!!

I have finally drawn the lucky winner of the Christmas Playsuit, I know 2 days late, but it is my son AJ's 2nd Birthday today and we had a BBQ last night so have visitors here all weekend!!! Sorry!!!!
Anyway the lucky winner is AJ from AJ Antics for her adorable little man Aden, I am sure he will look just sooo cute AJ, make sure you blog pics for us to see!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all who entered and thank you for all you kind comments too!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Bunting!!!!

Today is AJ's 2nd Birthday (happy birthday to my darling special little boy, Mummy loves you!) and I wanted to make a bunting for his special birthday BBQ last night with family and friends!!!!!
So here is some pics, it was so hard to photograph, but here it is................

Thanks to the gorgeous Vik for the idea, links and advice she gave to me while I was making the bunting so I could get it perfect........Vik it was your lovely bunting you made that inspired me to give it a go!!!!!! So thank you!!!!!!
This is the tutorial I followed, and it was an easy tutorial to follow and make sure you check out the rest of this blog too it is a great blog!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaways everywhere!!!!!!!

Another wonderful giveaway at Handmade Kids It is such a BIG giveaway too with two wonderful packs one for the boys and one for the girls....Of course I have gone in for the boys pack as you all know I have 2 darling boys so we would get so much use from the boys pack!!!!!
Hope I win!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!


Look at this great giveaway from Retro Mummy Isn't it adorable fabric!!!!!!
Lets hope I win LOL!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quilt-A-Long.......Panel Quilt-Step 3, Completed!!!!

Ok step 3 is now complete too-It didn't take me as long as I thought as I have now learned to tack first saves a heap of unpicking later!!!!!! So I am thinking the green around the tan squares may be a little bright???? But we will see once the rest of the quilt is done!!!!! But kids like bright right??????????
Also quilting is sooo much easier with the 1/4" foot!!! I think I may of mentioned that in the last post but just wanted to mention it again...........

Anyway let me know what you think so far!!!!!!!

Quilt-A-Long....Panel Quilt-Step 2 completed!!!

I have finally completed step 2- Yes I know it took me forever!!!!! But I was having trouble with the completed squares matching for the next step, so I showed it someone and apparently I had done it all wrong!!!! So I had to unpick all 18 squares and get a 1/4" foot so I have been waiting for that to arrive, and I must say that is the best twenty odd dollars I have spent......So here are take 2 of the squares now all completed................
If you are interested in the first step you can find it here.
Stay tuned hopefully step 3 won't take me too long to complete!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Christmas Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

I made this Oliver + S Playsuit for my son but it was too small for him..........So I thought I would spread the Christmas cheer and have a giveaway.......So leave a comment here for your chance to win this playsuit for you child to wear at Christmas time!!!!!!!
It is a size 6-12 months but my son is 8.5 months and weighs 8kg and it fits him now but only just so by Christmas it won't..........
It has 3 press studs between the legs for easy nappy changes.......

For one entry leave a comment here and for two entries just post about this giveaway on your blog (just make sure when you leave a comment you let me know if you are going to post on your blog too otherwise I might miss your extra entry) I will draw a winner on 27 November.......Please leave a way for me to contact you so I am able to post out the outfit to the lucky winner quickly so you have it in plenty of time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also I have taken a lot of time and effort to sew this outfit but please remember I am only a beginner sewer so it won't be perfect!!!!!!!
Australian Residents only please to enter as I don't think it would make it overseas in time anyway!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!!

2 Christmas Outfits!!!!!!!!!!!

I made two outfits for my two boys last week for Christmas...........
The first (well this is the second the first one was too small) is the Oliver + S Playsuit for Dominic. HMMM Not much else I can say about it really.............Dominic modelling the playsuit!!!!!
The second is the Little Explorer Overalls for AJ.........I really like these nice and bright!!!!!!!!

And AJ with them on......He is getting to the age now where he doesn't want to co-operate now and he was just in one of them moods!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for Christmas now so they can wear them!!!!!!

Black Pants!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we had a 50th Anniversary to go to and AJ has grown so fast he had no pants to wear only Jeans!!! So I thought I would 'whip' up a pair for him........
I found a pattern in the Ottobre spring 09 Magazine-They are the 'Taku" pants without the pockets......I made them all up and thought, HHHMM they don't look like the picture in the magazine, mine are to straight and in the picture they are more of a baggy pant.....Anyway they only 'JUST' fitted AJ and were really tight around his nappy.....But he wore them on the night!!!!!!!!!!
A few days later I read I was supposed to add seam allowance to the pattern!!!! Deer Dumb A#$ me....That will teach me for making things in a hurry and not reading the instructions properly!!!!!!!!!! AJ modelling the pants.......See how they are tight at the front over his nappy!!!!! But on the night the top he wore covered it!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

Not to worry I know for next time now!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Package!!!!!!YAH!!!!!

I had a package turn up last week and it was from the VERY VERY VERY VERY Lovely Vik (my personal shopper LOL!!!!) she so kindly went to Spotlight for me and stocked up on some sewing goodies for me!!!!!! Thank you so much Vik, I really appricate it. Without you I wouldn't be sewing!!!!!!!!!!
In that lovely huge package was fleece to make my boys a PJ bag (except I am going to make a dog and elephant not a cat like pictured) like I made Vik's daughter for the swap, some denim, a pen, a square quilters ruler and some interfacing!!!!

AJ thinks the Thomas material is his new 'train bank' (blanket).....He drags this material everywhere with him at the moment, he will be heartbroken when I start cutting into it!!!!! Hopefully I can cut it so that there will be enough for a blanket for him!!!!!!
Again Vik Thank you so much for the time and effort you took to get these things for me, I really do appricate it and don't know what I would do without you!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx