Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our New Little Man!!!!

Ok I have had a few requests for photos of our new little man, so here he is!!!

Introducing: Dominic Alfio, born 23/02/09 5 weeks early.  Weighing 4lb 9oz,  48cm long, he had a 4 weeks stay in hospital.

27/02/09 4 days old.


22/03/09-Double trouble, the two brothers...The day we left the hospital....


25/03/09-At home finally after 4 weeks in hospital.


EB March Challenge Margaret Sling Bag!

The Margaret Sling Bag was the March EB Challenge and I decided to make it for my SIL for her birthday....I took me ages to find suitable material and I nearly gave up but then found some on Ebay.....I printed out the pattern as 2 per page and it shrunk it down and I didn't realise till after I cut it out etc and now I think it is too small for her it looks like a little kids bag...So I don't  know if I should give it to her or not now........

A close up of the fabric, it is a lilac colour and has cherbs on it.


And this is the bag, it looks bigger in the picture but really is a little small.  I am so annoyed as it was the perfect material for her and I haven't got enough to make another.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EB Kids Clothing Swap! (What I received)

First off I would like to say a big thank you to Ingrid for organising this swap, I had fun with it even though I was stressed and things didn't go according to plan (with me getting sick and DS#2 coming 5 weeks early).....Can't wait for the next swap now if I have time to particapate.

Ok!!!  A huge big thank you to daniL for our lovely parcel it was fantastic and we love it.........I can't say thank you enough!!!!!!!

It was really hard to contain my excitment long enough to get this picture of the parcel all wrapped up in a nice piece of fabric with tip trucks and dozzers on it.... Now what to make with it? Any suggestions????????


These are the gogeous pair of jeans daniL made for AJ.  I love the waist band and the pockets are lined in the same material.........


And the bonds top with an appliqued car in matching fabric to the jeans waistband....Too cute!!!!!!!


And lastly my little (well not so little anymore) man AJ wearing his outfit.  It's not the best photo as I had to chase him around the house and took around 50 photos to get 1......The jeans look long on him but he has no shoes on so once he has shoes on they should be ok........


Thank you again daniL....I just can't say it enough......

EB Kids Clothing Swap! (What I made)

My first 'sewing' swap.......This is technically my second swap on EB, the first being the habby swap.  But this is my first sewing swap.........I sewed for  suzqld little girl Lizzie.  I was really nervous about my sewing ability as I am only a beginner, but desided to take the plunge and particapate and I am glad I did as it challenged me to try something I probley wouldn't normally.  I had a few hiccups along the way not sewing related though but still managed to get the swap done and sent on time.....  First I got Whoopong cough and couldn't leave the house for 2 weeks so had to shop online for pattern and material.  Then bub # 2 arrived 5 weeks early and was airlifted to Brisbane 3 hours from home was there one week and then transferred back to Toowoomba 1 1/2 hours from home and was there for 3 weeks so lucky I started and finished it earlier and didn't leave it till the last minute like I normally do!!!!!!   

Anyway this is what I made......

This is the parcel all wrapped up ready to send....


Apron with the letter E embroided on using my Winnie The Pooh embroidery machine.


And a  little pink cord Skirt and jacket with a matching headband.......

The jacket is lined as well......

The pink cord material had little butterflies embroidered all over it.....


I hope it fits and is loved by Lizzie.....I had fun making it and it challenged me a little.  Can't wait for another swap (if I have time to particapate with 2 little ones now).