Monday, August 31, 2009

My boys and there new toy!!!!!!

My In-laws brought this 'New Holland' pedal tractor (trac-ter as AJ calls it) and AJ thought all his Christmas's had come at once last night when they brought it down for him!!!!!
AJ trying to ride his Tractor, he can't reach the pedals yet!

AJ pushing Mummy on the tractor!

AJ being a nude poser!!! He has just had a bath and he was trying to avoid getting dressed by climbing up on the back of the lounge!!!!

AARRGGHH!!!!! Where does the time go???? Dominic is now 6 months old and won't be long and he will be crawling....He loves to get on the floor and try to play with his big brother!!!!

Dominic playing with the little tractor!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Quilt!!!

Ok I am going to attempt my first quilt, well my second if you class this small cot quilt as a quilt????
You may remember a few weeks ago I put out a call for help on designing a SB quilt for my DS using the fabric my SIL gave me!! Well Novy came to my rescue and found a heap of designs on Flickr for me, then I tried to do up a design for myself and couldn't get the measurements right. So a lovely lovely lady, AJ from EB came to my rescue and offered to draw one up for me and and help me on the way.......AAWW how nice of her!!!! So she is putting up the steps (this is strp 1) on her blog for me to follow so if you want to join me in making my first quilt, you can!!!!!!!!

So this is what I started with.

And I purchased these two fabrics to go with it.....(I know I know the green is a christmas fabric, but I loved the gold on the green and it was the only green that matched really well...)

So now here is all the fabrics together.........(I don't know why my pics keep going on the side like this but it is annoying me!!!!)

All I need to get is one more fabric for the outside border but I couldn't find anything suitable so thought I can get that later....
A huge big thank you AJ for offering to help me out with this I really appricate it...........I hope I can pull it off now......
Ok I will post my progress along the way so stayed tune...........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another order all wrapped up nicely!!!!

I feel like it is Christmas or my Birthday, with all these orders coming and all wrapped up so nicely!!!!
This order is from Patchwork with Busyfingers And it is a pattern for a Dilly Bag, made from quilt as you go Hexagons!!!!! I am going to use the bag as a sewing bag to keep all my bits and pieces in!!!!!!!!!

And I must say super fast postage too!!!!!!

More fabric to add to my stash!!!!

A lovely lady from EB sent me this stash of fabric she had sitting around........
Ok there is all types in there, so I should be right with fabric for a while now (I hope!!!LOL!!!)

And yet another shopping trip!!!!!

Yes another shopping trip yesterday, my SIL needed to go to Toowoomba which is nearly 2 hours from where I live so I went with her and another visit to SL was in order......
This time I got some pink fabric for a trimming on a top I want to make, some dinosaur fabric, some denim, and this nice purple fabric to make the shirt in the pattern for ME!!!! and a fabric pen and pencil.........
(OH Blogger why are you putting my pic on the side?????)
So two visits to Spotlight in the space of 3 days not bad.....But I am a little dissapointed with there range and messyness of the store and half the things I needed couldn't get. I think I will just stick with my online ordering!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My shopping trip!!!!!

What's a girl to do when Hubby goes to the V8's???? Go shopping of course!!!!!!!!! As nearly everyone knows I live in a small country town with not a lot of options for material etc......So DH decided he would go with my Dad to the V8 supercars at Willowbank and my dads partner took me shopping to SL and Bargain Box in Ipswich..........
So this is what I got at SL- Some airplane fabric, animal fabric, 2 lots of linen light blue and brown, The red is a furnishing fabric to make a back pack out of and some knit with cars all over.
And some Nemo fabric in dark blue and a magnetic pin cushion, and a sewing/knitting gauge.

And from Bargain Box I got some fish fabric and cockatoo fabric, as DS is fasinated with them. My MIL has a Cockatoo named Charlie now everytime we see a bird any bird it is Charlie......He saw the fabric and said "Charlie" eyes all lit up, too cute!!!!

And some more Nemo in a light blue from Bargain Box.

Now what to make with all this new fabric????????

Monday, August 17, 2009

YAH a parcel of patterns from Bella and vintage!

Yah my order from Bella and vintage arrived today (I ordered it Thursday and she posted Friday and arrived on Tuesday so not bad at all) and look at how it is wrapped, so nice it was like getting a presant not an order and it had a nice flower on the front and a card in an envelope. So nice. I couldn't wait to get into it but I managed to get a photo first LOL!!!!!
I got 4 Oliver + S patterns, and 1m of Sandi Henderson Vintage Cherries for free for ordering the 4 patterns. So I got the O+S Bedtime story PJ's in both sizes so sizes 6m-3T and 4-8, and the O+S teaparty sundress, bloomers & Playsuit in size 2T-5 (I only want the playsuit pattern, and I wanted the smaller size but none left so I will try and make it smaller???) and the O+S Sailboat top skirt and pants pattern in size 4-8. So all that for $52.00 including registered post.

I think I will make myself the overnight tote with this fabric......Not bad when all I need to buy is a zip and some lining fabric, which I think a nice hot pink would look great..........

YAH! A Giveaway!!!!

I have stumbled upon another giveaway I am yet to win one but I think youve gotta be in it to win it and eventually I have to win don't I.............
Romi is having a giveaway on her blog which ends today so be quick and get in!!!!!!
Also make sure you check out her Etsy Store Omigosh she has lots of gorgeous goodies.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

A top for ME!!!!!!!

Finally I have TRIED to sew something for ME!!!!! I made this top yesterday out of some stretch material I have had in the cupboard for ages (and I mean ages like 3 years) that I picked up at Vinnies I think it was around $4.00 and there is enough left to make another top........ I had a little trouble with the ribbing around the neck and am not happy with it. See how it is puckered at the bottom, it is ment to sit nice and straight. Oh well I will make another one day....

And me modelling it.... OMG I look like I am still preg...I didn't realise I looked that bad, I had better do something about that!!!!!! How embarrassing........
And of course the sleeves are to long for my short arms but that's the story of my life.......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help me design a quilt for DS using this tractor fabric!!!!!

My SIL kindly gave me this Tractor panel and three pieces of matching fabric....Now I need help to find/design a pattern to turn it into a quilt cover for DS............I was thinking of getting some plain green and maybe yellow to break it up a little and was wanting to embroider on one plain square at the bottom his name and birthdate etc to personlize it and then it will be a keepsake for him........So any hints, tips, patterns etc would be greatly appricated........I have no idea without a pattern to follow........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

House warming prezzies for my SIL's!!!!

Ok both my SIL's moved a week apart of each other one built a new house right next door to us, and the other brought a 'second hand house' in town.........So I was thinking of making an apron, oven mitt set for one SIL for her birthday but then decided I had to get them both something for their housewarming prezzies so decided to do 2 sets one for each!!!!!!!!!!
These took a little longer than anticiapated, and I had a little trouble with the bias binding on the oven mitts (I made the bias binding with a bias maker and now I am addicted to making bias tape, but I HATE HATE sewing it on).....I guess I am just being a little fussy as one of my SIL's her MIL owns the patchworking shop in town and is a 'real' sewer so I am really nervous....But it is thought (and effort) that counts right??????
The first set is cupcakes on chocolate brown and the apron is reversible so cupcakes with chocolate brown pocket on side and chocolate with cupcake pocket the other. I have also added a hand towel made of the chocolate brown with a cupcake boarder, and it attaches with velcro. I saw an apron once with the hand towel attached and thought what a great idea as I know I am always looking for something to wipe my wet hands on!!!!!!!!!! Then there is an oven mitt and also a little personalized fridge magnet with ....... Kitchen "Happy is the home that welcomes a friend" embroidered on it................

The second set is the same but done with Hot red chillies on black.........

The reverse of the aprons....I don't know why it keeps putting the photo on the side????

A close up of the half the oven mitts (LOL!!)

I scanned these magnets so not a good pic sorry!!! The brown one has got the red binding all the way around but it folded under and I only just realised.......

I'm not very happy with how the magnets come out (I might not put them in the prezzie yet!!) and I am also not happy with how the bias binding came out on the oven mitts at the back, but I spent 1/2 a day yesterday unpicking the bias binding and got it a little better but it will just have to do as it is doing my head in and if I keep fiddling I will end up ruining it anyway....So tonight I just have some hand sewing to do on the oven mitt to fix a few little bits that I am not happy with and try hide some of