Friday, March 19, 2010

 Step 4 now complete finally!!!! LOL!!!
To see my progress here are the other steps-
And now Step 4
Ok so as I said before this is my FIRST quilt and I stuffed up but oh well I wasn't going to start again.....I did the green and tan around the wrong way, but it still looks ok, and we learn from our mistakes....I really don't know why I did it this way......
Ok so now it still needs a 4" border around the edges but it is big enough for the SB as is, so now to decide if I do the border or not??? I don't want to make the quilt to big!!! But think it will look better with the border!!! Maybe I could do a smaller border like 3" or 2"?????????
AJ are you out there what do you suggest???????

On the single bed!

Doggy pants for a 1 year old!

A friend at that I go to playgroup and swimming with her little boy has just turned 1 yesterday, so I made him a little pair of pants (lined with fleece) and an appliquéd long sleeve top......
I had to use my walking foot (Thanks Pennywiggle for the tip) on these pants as the material is a drill and with the fleece lining it was so hard to sew.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Presant for a new bub!!!!

A friend of ours had a new baby girl so seeing I have two boys I couldn't resist but make something girly, so I made these gorgeous little bloomers with an appliquéd little onesie......
These bloomers are fairly quick to make and oh so cute...I made a larger size as it is getting cooler her now so hopefully they will fit her next summer!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

EB Colour Swap....What I received!!

On EB we had a colour theme swap....Where we nominate a colour and our partner brought us $30 worth of sewing related objects for us!!!!
For this swap my partner was the generous Bec (Becanne).........
So what I received??????
Look at his flannel isn't it cute??? Now what is inside this flannel (By the way Bec, great wrapping paper!!!)
Whoops sorry photo wrong way around!!! Some blue and green border rocket fabric!

Some more rocket fabric, one has blast off and numbers the other has words all over about the moon etc 

Some brown cord and Bec even thought to put all matching threads in too for all the materials, which is great as I will just wake up and think oh I will make ...... with that material and go to sew and have no cottons!!!!

And lastly it was my birthday on Tuesday so Bec even thought to put a little prezzie in just for me....A lovely FQ and a massive big button that has lovely little birds on it So cute!!!!!

Thank you so much Bec for such a wonderful parcel of goodies....Now to think what to make with it all...

EB Colour Swap...What I sent!

For the Colour Theme Swap I had to buy for Shelly (Pinksjt79) and she listed that she would like something girly for her gorgeous little girl....I thought great I get to do some girly shopping cause with 2 boys I don't get to do much girly shopping!!!!
So this is what I got-
The goods all wrapped up ready to send with the little handmade tag I made!
All the goodies nicely packed away (although I bet they aren't like this when they arrive!!!)
All the goodies (except not the mat LOL!)
 A close up of the fabric and trim
A close up of the buttons (sorry a bit blurry) I loved the owls they are just so cute....
Shelly I hope you liked it all and can use it all.....I just loved the pink tape measure trim and have some in the gold but have no reason to buy the pink but I do now!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you make with it all!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funky pants for Dominic!

I don't often make things for Dominic as he is growing to quick...I usually make clothes for AJ cause I figure Dominic can wear them after and that way they get worn more often.......I got some lovely fabric from FabricShoppe so made a funky pair of  pants for Dominic! I used the CarlaC easy fit pants pattern.
 I lined the inside with a piece of white polar fleece I had in my stash....It wasn't quite big enough so had to join two pieces together so there is a seam down oneside, but it is on the inside so no one will ever know!!!!
They will be so nice and warm for winter!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Indygo Junction PJ's for me!!!!!

When my 4 year old trusty Undercoverwear PJ's got a big rip in the butt, it was time for new PJ's, I searched Targets for the last few months and nothing caught my eye, so when Sunshinedays showed me this Indygo Junction PJ pattern I just had to make myself a pair.....
A big massive Thank you to Sunshinedays-Well you know what for love!!!!