Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A top for me!!!!!

I got the pattern and material for this top ages ago and I started it straight away, but I ran in to trouble with the ribbon on the sleeves and had to unpick it all so I sat it aside for awhile, but then I needed a top for a party I had so decided to get it out and finish it off....I am not 100% happy with it (I know I know I am never happy with things I sew) as the you can see on the ribbon where it has been unpicked. But it was dark at the party and noone noticed LOL!!!!!!!!
So I will make this top again if only to prove to myself that I can do it with out a massive amount of unpicking!!!!LOL!!!!
Simplicity It's so easy (yer right) ladies top pattern #2646
A close up of the front and the ribbon......
And half of me modelling it....this was taken at midnight when we got home as we were running late so couldn't take it before LOL!!!!


Vik said...

It's looks great Emma! Did you decide to add the ribbon or was it part of the pattern? That must have felt good wearing something you made yourself. Good on you for being determined to go back and finish it :)

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