Monday, January 25, 2010

Downtown boy jacket

Ok this is going to be a quick post as while the photos were uploading my iphone fell in water so I am not happy at the moment!!!!!
These are the two Downtown Boy Jackets that have taken up all my spare time the last 3 days, it was a huge marathon effort.  As I made the two at the same time I had to make 4 jackets to get the two......And cause I don't read the instructions properly and was doing them while tired I had a heap of unpicking to do!!!!!!
So here they are, The green one for Dominic and the blue for AJ.........Oh and the good thing used all materials from my stash the only thing I had to buy was the zippers........Instead of using pellon in between the layers I used Flannelette, I had bits in my stash that were too small to make PJs out of so used it on the jackets, great way to use up scraps!!!!!

The jackets are a little big on the boys as I made a size bigger than what they are in, as I always seem to make things and they only wear a couple of times and them grown out of it, so I thought make them bigger and they will get more wear out of them!!!!!


Vik said...

Sooooo fantastic Emma!!! How are you fitting all this sewing in?? The boys look so pleased with their new jackets, love their little expressions x

brissmith said...

Love them - they are on my sewing list for winter! Hope I can get one done they look terrific. Susan :)

Emma said...

Umm It is called not sleeping!!!! LOL!!!! I am sooo tired, so no sewing for me for a few days to recover!!!!!
If I can do them anyone can!! LOL!

Claireabell said...

They're lovely jackets, well done!

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