Friday, January 15, 2010

And the blog award goes to...........(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!)


I'm a Happy recipient of the blog award and I didn't even know these were around. But will be happy to accept and glad to see someone loves my blog.. lol. It's good to know that when I feel I am wasting so much time trying to get my blog just right (and pulling my hair out as I have no clue what I am doing) somewhere out there someone appricates it. (I hope there is more than just one LOL). 

Thanks to the lovely, talented and someone who has become a good internet friend of mine Nikoll for the award.

So in accepting this award, l must copy and paste and

1. Name 5 things l love and

2. Present the award to 5 other bloggers who l think are fabulous.

5 things l love.

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Sewing

4. EB (cause of all the wonderful people I have met through EB)

5. Coca Cola

Now for 5 bloggers who l would love to pass the award on to are.

1. Pennywiggle-Someone who is so kind and helpful, she has dedicated so much time to helping me with my blog so it is thanks to her that my blog is looking the way it does.......

2.Vik-Someone else who is kind and helpful, she has done a few trips to Spotlight for me to get me my supplies and post off to me, she is always there for me to complain and whinge too!!!

3. Mel-Another who has done trips to Spotlight to stock up for me and post to me and answeres my zillion questions when she is soo busy herself.
4. Melb-For just being a lovely person, so kind and friendly........And cause I love her blog, it is looking great

(Oh no last one REALLY???? I have so many more people I want to give it too!!!!)

5.Jen-So helpful when I have sewing questions on EB, and her blog always inspires me to sew as she is the fastest sewer around!!


Vik said...

Woohooo how exciting, congrats to you and to me too it seems LOL. So do I have to assign my awards now on my blog??

Emma said...

Yer Vik!!! Just do a post like mine and just answere the questions!!!!!

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