Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funky pants for Dominic!

I don't often make things for Dominic as he is growing to quick...I usually make clothes for AJ cause I figure Dominic can wear them after and that way they get worn more often.......I got some lovely fabric from FabricShoppe so made a funky pair of  pants for Dominic! I used the CarlaC easy fit pants pattern.
 I lined the inside with a piece of white polar fleece I had in my stash....It wasn't quite big enough so had to join two pieces together so there is a seam down oneside, but it is on the inside so no one will ever know!!!!
They will be so nice and warm for winter!!!!


Jots Mum said...

Love these Em

sunshinedays said...

What groovy pants! Dominic will love them :) Great idea to line them with polar fleece - thanks - I'm gonna steal that idea :P

Karen said...

Love the fabric you used - they look nice and snuggly for winter.

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