Thursday, March 11, 2010

EB Colour Swap....What I received!!

On EB we had a colour theme swap....Where we nominate a colour and our partner brought us $30 worth of sewing related objects for us!!!!
For this swap my partner was the generous Bec (Becanne).........
So what I received??????
Look at his flannel isn't it cute??? Now what is inside this flannel (By the way Bec, great wrapping paper!!!)
Whoops sorry photo wrong way around!!! Some blue and green border rocket fabric!

Some more rocket fabric, one has blast off and numbers the other has words all over about the moon etc 

Some brown cord and Bec even thought to put all matching threads in too for all the materials, which is great as I will just wake up and think oh I will make ...... with that material and go to sew and have no cottons!!!!

And lastly it was my birthday on Tuesday so Bec even thought to put a little prezzie in just for me....A lovely FQ and a massive big button that has lovely little birds on it So cute!!!!!

Thank you so much Bec for such a wonderful parcel of goodies....Now to think what to make with it all...


rainbowdolphin said...

cool fabric!!!
btw your address is readable when you click on pics to make bigger..incase you didnt realise :)

Channy said...

Looks great.

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