Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Pants!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we had a 50th Anniversary to go to and AJ has grown so fast he had no pants to wear only Jeans!!! So I thought I would 'whip' up a pair for him........
I found a pattern in the Ottobre spring 09 Magazine-They are the 'Taku" pants without the pockets......I made them all up and thought, HHHMM they don't look like the picture in the magazine, mine are to straight and in the picture they are more of a baggy pant.....Anyway they only 'JUST' fitted AJ and were really tight around his nappy.....But he wore them on the night!!!!!!!!!!
A few days later I read I was supposed to add seam allowance to the pattern!!!! Deer Dumb A#$ me....That will teach me for making things in a hurry and not reading the instructions properly!!!!!!!!!! AJ modelling the pants.......See how they are tight at the front over his nappy!!!!! But on the night the top he wore covered it!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

Not to worry I know for next time now!!!!!!!!!!


Becky said...

They look good even if they are a tad on the tight side. Lucky D will get to wear them too!

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