Saturday, August 8, 2009

House warming prezzies for my SIL's!!!!

Ok both my SIL's moved a week apart of each other one built a new house right next door to us, and the other brought a 'second hand house' in town.........So I was thinking of making an apron, oven mitt set for one SIL for her birthday but then decided I had to get them both something for their housewarming prezzies so decided to do 2 sets one for each!!!!!!!!!!
These took a little longer than anticiapated, and I had a little trouble with the bias binding on the oven mitts (I made the bias binding with a bias maker and now I am addicted to making bias tape, but I HATE HATE sewing it on).....I guess I am just being a little fussy as one of my SIL's her MIL owns the patchworking shop in town and is a 'real' sewer so I am really nervous....But it is thought (and effort) that counts right??????
The first set is cupcakes on chocolate brown and the apron is reversible so cupcakes with chocolate brown pocket on side and chocolate with cupcake pocket the other. I have also added a hand towel made of the chocolate brown with a cupcake boarder, and it attaches with velcro. I saw an apron once with the hand towel attached and thought what a great idea as I know I am always looking for something to wipe my wet hands on!!!!!!!!!! Then there is an oven mitt and also a little personalized fridge magnet with ....... Kitchen "Happy is the home that welcomes a friend" embroidered on it................

The second set is the same but done with Hot red chillies on black.........

The reverse of the aprons....I don't know why it keeps putting the photo on the side????

A close up of the half the oven mitts (LOL!!)

I scanned these magnets so not a good pic sorry!!! The brown one has got the red binding all the way around but it folded under and I only just realised.......

I'm not very happy with how the magnets come out (I might not put them in the prezzie yet!!) and I am also not happy with how the bias binding came out on the oven mitts at the back, but I spent 1/2 a day yesterday unpicking the bias binding and got it a little better but it will just have to do as it is doing my head in and if I keep fiddling I will end up ruining it anyway....So tonight I just have some hand sewing to do on the oven mitt to fix a few little bits that I am not happy with and try hide some of


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