Friday, July 10, 2009

EB Bag Swap! What I received.....

I received my bag as part of the EB bag swap from Getshakey ( .

This is what she had written on her blog earlier today, "Its giving me a big complex as the bag I made (and it took all my effort) is not done nearly as well as the one I recieved. (but to my recipient, that was my best effort hun and I hope you like it!) " But seriously I don't know what she was worried about, I love it and wish my sewing was as good!!!!!!!!

Ok without delay here is the bag.

The satin and ribbon were used to wrap the bag in, but I didn't get pictures as I was so keen to have a look at my bag, as soon as I left the post office I was walking down the steet ripping open the post pack and unwrapping the bag........It has a zip closure (I wouldn't even be game to attempt that).

And the inside of the bag (excuse DH's fingers LOL!!!)..........................It is red, white and black butterflies, Getshakey must of really read my likes and dislikes as I said my favourite colours were pink, purple, red, black and white, and this bag has nearly all them colours. The outside is black and white, the inside is red, black and white, and it has a 2 zipper pulls on and it pink with a silver butterfly!!!!!!! It has a zippered internal pocket that is huge with a butterfly zipper pull, it also has 3 pockets on the other side as well!!!!!!

And the butterfly zipper pull there are 2 of these one on the outside and one on the inside.

These are the 4 butterflies that are on the outside, the little heart at the end has made with love written on it........There are also the same 4 butterflies on the opposite side as well.

The photo's just don't do this bag any justice, and I really love my new bag and appricate all the effort that has gone into it!!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to say a great big THANK YOU to Anna (tomsmum06 ) for organising this swap, it must of taken some hours to PM everyone and to organise everything, Thank you!!!!!
Can't wait for the next swap now!!!!!!


Liam's Mummy said...

Nice bag! The metal butterflies are gorgeous! I have some of that lining fabric - I've made a hat out of it and a purse and a Margaret Bag. It is gorgeous!

Chris said...

Very nice ... she certainly did not have anythig to worry about .. stunning!

On that note you did an awesome job yourself!!!

Angela said...

Heya Emma I am glad you like it.

I did make quite a few mistakes and the bag took me soooo long to make, I ran out of time and energy to do another one.

I tried to put a little bit of everything you mentioned in your wishlist.

I have some fabric here that I wanted to wrap the bag in, but in the chaos of the last week, I just HAD to get the bag sent and the fabric was not forthcoming at the time.

The fabric is that cute handbag fabric that you said you had seen, in your wishlist. LOL I will tell you the story of how I got it on EB when it returns.

I hope the bag is good to use.


Angela xx

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