Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have finally made myself a wallet. It is far from perfect but it is the first one I have made. Will have to make more for the practice........

The topstitching on the strap is not all the way around as I couldn't get around because of the magnetic clip. Will have to think of a different way for next time

wallet 001

The inside before I put all my cards in!!!

wallet 002

And with all my cards in. The pockets aren't straight really need to work on cutting out all my pieces straight!!!!!
Also the cards on one side are really tight When I sewed the centre line to make the fold I must of done it further on one side!!!!!!!

wallet 003

Ok I can finially add the pictures of my trial bag for the EB swap, I didn't add them before as I didn't want to give the style away even though the fabric is totally different........


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