Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EB Kids Clothing Swap-What I made!!!!!

 Today is the EB kids clothing swap opening day..........How exciting!!! and  this is what I made for the swap......I put in both my boys so they would receive an outfit each so in return I had to sew 2 outfits!

I sewed for Carolyn (Mumto4Monkeys) little girl.....I made the outfit a size bigger so it would fit her next summer....I made her a ruffle top and 3/4 pants with double frill and done a fancy topstitch.........I really hope it fits her next  summer and you guys like it!!!!!! 

And my other outfit was for Fin (Ednaboo) Who doesn't have a blog.............

I made a pair of long denim pants with cuffs, front pockets and fake fly with the RB all star2 fabric, and a fleece hoodie, The pattern for the hoodie was to do the hood in the fleece too but I changed it to 'funk' it up a little lol...I hope your boy likes it Fin!!!

Can't wait to see the outfits on!!! 


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