Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Car rolls!

I know, I know, I have been MIA...So sorry!!!!!!!  Should make it a news year resolution to blog more!!!!
Last minute Christmas gifts for my two boys....Car Caddie/roll........

Fits 6 matchbox cars in......

 2 different fabrics so they don't fight (hopefully) and one rolled up!


Vik said...

Love these Emma, they have BOY written all over them. If you didn't want the boys to fight you should have made them in the same fabrics LOL. Merry Christmas xxxxxx

michelle said...

how cute...where did you get the road fabric from?
im hoping to learn how to sew this new year...santa might buy me a sewing machine & i might try & make one of these for my little guy!!
thanks & merry christmas

Emma said...

Thanks guys!!!!
Vik I did them different so they wouldn't fight lol but you are right maybe I should of done them the same!!!!
Michelle-The green fabric is from the U.S. the black with cars I got given to me as part of a swap!

Sara said...

These are awesome! They'd get picked up in a second at www.thredup.com where we swap kids clothing and toys! I know my boys would love these, really great work. Folks swap material as well, could work out nicely for you :)

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