Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fabric Stash Clearout Sale!!!!!!

I have been cleaning out my sewing room and going through all my material and for some reason I have heaps of 'girly' fabric and I have 2 boys so will probley not use it.  I am going to use the money to do my first fabric order from on the net so probley etsy or similar.  Now I am not to good with my fabrics so will do my best to describe them some I know for sure but others not too sure about!!!



The first one is white cotton with pink embroidered flowers all over (see close up pic) I actually brought this for the EB kids clothing swap but changed my mind to the pink cord!!!!!!$8.00 SOLD

The second is an animal print flannelette it measures 111cmx138cm.  It would make a great winter girls dress for over leggings or even a nice soft jacket, it's doesn't look like PJ type flannelette if that makes sense but you could make PJ's out of it too.....$5.00

And the third is a pink cord with embroidered butterflys on it measuring 105cmx71cm and then another piece (which is still attached to it measuring 48cmx82cm.  This is the fabric I used for the kids clothing swap!!!!  You would get a nice skirt out of this or even  a small pinnafore dress.....There is just a small flaw in the end of this material see pic.......$4.00   SOLD


The first one in this picture is I think a cotton although to me it feels thicker than cotton so not sure....It is off  white colour with strawberries on it, it has printed on the edge 'Caprice Australia Original' (don't know what it means!)  it measures 115cmx152cm I think it would make a lovely dress or skirt!!!! $5.00 SOLD

The next is a cotton brown with tiny pink flowers and measures 87cmx152cm....$2.00

The third is a pink don't know what sort of fabric it is but it is quite thick I would say it would make nice pair of overalls for a girl or even a pinafore dress or some pants?????? It measures 48cmx148cm......$2.00 SOLD


This is a blue with sunflowers on it and it is 65% polyester 35% cotton and measures 114cmx200cm and there is 3 of them...$8.00


Yellow Flannelette with Cockatoos 104cmx87.....$2.00

Mint stripe with white and bears flanelette 69cmx83cm.........$1.00

Blue with pink pigs flannelette 85cmx96cm........$1.00

Bear Flannelette 88cmx84cm and another piece still attached 68cmx93cm.......$2.00

All these are quite small pieces but you could probley get a top out of them and then have plain bottoms for PJ's?????????

I will probley use pre paid satchels as I find them the cheapest to use.........


Chris said...

HI Faye .. I will offload some for you ..

Can I please have the white with pink flowers, the pink cord with butterflies, the strawberries and plain pink!! Let me know how much for postage to 4814 and will transfer the funds. Thanks chickie!!
aka 4lildarlins

faye79 said...

Hi, That was super quick, I ran out of time to finish uploading to my blog so left it, so I didn't have a chance to measure the white with pink flowers, did you want to know how much is there??????
I am hoping I can fit them into a large satchel for you but there is a lot there will see how I go and let you know.........
Thanks heaps for that!!!!!!!

faye79 said...

Hi, Chris hope this email finds you as I am having trouble again with my computer or internet or both......

I have weighed the fabric and according to Australia post website it will cost $9.60 in a large prepaid satchel, hopefully it will fit in there it should I will squeeze it in for you, it's just that the white with embroidered flowers is huge.........Let me know if you are still interested and I will give you my bank details.........

Emma (faye)

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