Thursday, March 26, 2009

EB March Challenge Margaret Sling Bag!

The Margaret Sling Bag was the March EB Challenge and I decided to make it for my SIL for her birthday....I took me ages to find suitable material and I nearly gave up but then found some on Ebay.....I printed out the pattern as 2 per page and it shrunk it down and I didn't realise till after I cut it out etc and now I think it is too small for her it looks like a little kids bag...So I don't  know if I should give it to her or not now........

A close up of the fabric, it is a lilac colour and has cherbs on it.


And this is the bag, it looks bigger in the picture but really is a little small.  I am so annoyed as it was the perfect material for her and I haven't got enough to make another.



mojo said...

My granddaghter wants to make this purse. I have been trying to help her find out how to download the pattern. I have tried on three differet computers and make it to 71% and get an error. All have updated Adobe readers. Anyone have any suggestions or a pattern for i they are willing to share?

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